Best office spinning chairs stores In Hanoi 

Office Spinning chairs are now produced in a variety of types and are commonly used. Dedicated seat design, making it easier for users to focus and work more efficiently. Currently, there are many designs of Spinning chairs that customers can refer to and choose from. Take a look at the information below to better understand the benefits and how to use this chair model. At the same time, find yourself the address of the store that provides the best swivel chair!

Suggestions for a reputable showroom to sell Office spinning chairs in Hanoi

DSG Group is a reliable address providing office spinning chairs
DSG Group is a reliable address providing office swivel chairs

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam with a growing economy growing stronger and stronger. Therefore, the furniture market in Hanoi is also gradually developing, with higher demand. Finding a showroom that sells reputable and quality Spinning chairs is also more interesting.

Accordingly, to talk about a showroom that provides the best quality swivel office chair today. DSG Group is one of the top choices for all customers.

5 Reasons to choose an office swivel chair

With a smart design, the swivel office chair has enough functions to help users keep the correct posture. When sitting to work will limit back pain, and help relax to work effectively. Here are the reasons that you should choose to use this chair line for the office.

Helps to sit properly

Sitting in the wrong position for a long time can seriously affect your health. Suppose using a 45cm high back restless plastic chair to sit and work. If the desk is too high, you will tend to lean forward to see clearly. Or when the table is too low, you need to stoop and bend your neck to look down when working. This is very bad for parts of the body such as joints or eyes.

An office swivel chair with a backrest will help you sit more upright. At the same time, the chair also has the ability to adjust the height flexibly, just right for the eyes of the occupants. This will ensure a comfortable working posture, without adversely affecting the eyes.

Relieve body pain

Good support chair for health
Good support chair for health

Lower back pain, shoulder pain, and neck fatigue will often occur when sitting for too long. Usually, the pain will take a long time to appear or only mild pain. However, in the long run, this will adversely affect your health, causing you pain. Using a swivel chair will help you sit in the correct posture, and no longer suffer from pain.

Reduce pressure on hips

The hips will be the place to bear the pressure to keep your body weight when you sit. An office chair has a deep, concave sitting face, the back is hugging the hips and back. That design will help better support the occupant’s body than conventional chair models.

High flexibility

The office swivel chair has the ability to adjust the height and low, flexible braking. This smart design will well meet everyone’s needs during work.

In addition, another convenient point of the swivel foot chair compared to other models is the wheels. This detail helps people sitting on the chair to use their legs to push and move in the office. That way, you won’t have to stand up and still be able to move around in the office. Combined with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, extends the hand’s reach when sitting. That way, users can grab items around easily without having to stand up or sit down.

Improve work productivity

Many studies show that using specialized office furniture, modern design, and comfort. Especially furniture products equipped with many utilities will have a great impact on emotions and working spirit. Since then, the productivity of each employee will be higher than usual.

Equipping the office swivel chair will help the work area be more professional and dynamic. You will feel at home, sit at your desk and focus on work quickly.

Instructions on how to sit in a standard office swivel chair

Sitting in the office swivel chair properly helps the body stay healthy

Did you know that sitting posture when working will be very important for everyone’s health? Science has also proven that sitting in the wrong position at work is as harmful as smoking. Thereby, we will need to know how to better see the standard working posture.

Revealing the correct sitting posture to work with the computer

If you are using a desktop, laptop, or notebook computer, you also need to adjust your sitting posture accordingly. This will avoid negative effects on your body and your own health. Specifically:

  • When sitting in a swivel chair, keep your spine straight, not crooked. The pelvis is tilted forward, the shoulders are straight, and the body should not be strained. Leaning back slightly on the chair, relaxing like that will be more comfortable even if you work for a long time.
  • The head position of the person sitting is in the middle, in balance with the spine.
  • Elbows should be relaxed, lower than the arms.
  • The hips should be towards the back cushion of the swivel foot chair when sitting at work.
  • In particular, do not sit cross-legged for a long time, reducing blood circulation. This can lead to damage to nerves and tissues. Should sit neatly on the floor, thighs and shins are perpendicular to each other.

Choose the right swivel chair for your posture

Each person will have a different height, so the height of the swivel chair must be adjusted to match the table surface. In addition, you should also adjust the chair and table height accordingly to comfortably place your arms. When sitting at work, put your hands on the table and type on the keyboard to form a right angle at the elbow.

Adjust the seat height so that your heels can rest comfortably on the floor. You should also pay attention to the foot gravity not on the seat surface but on the feet when sitting. Adjustable backrest keeps waist straighter while working. Use a standard chair so that the muscles do not get tired even after sitting for many hours.

Do not lie on the bed or the floor while using a laptop or mobile device. Limit placing the laptop on your lap because it will easily burn due to the high temperature of the device, which is dangerous.

Where to buy office Spinning chairs to ensure prestige, best price

If you want to buy office Spinning chairs, you can contact DSG Group for advice. DSG Group is a reputable unit specializing in the distribution of office furniture products today. Since its operation, the unit has received high praise from customers because of its superiority in both products and services.

Each product at DSG Group ensures quality, durability, and competitive price. Above all, with the commitment of DSG Group, you can be assured of product quality. To buy office chairs with swivel legs, please contact DSG Group at the following information and address:

  • Address: 104-106. Tan Mai Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi.
  • Tel: 024.3556.9801 – 024.3556.1101 – 024.3218.1364 – 024.3220.2081 – 024.3220.2080.
  • Hotline: 0903.420,678 – 0903.458.112 – 0934.658.112 – 0902,438,438.
  • website: