Address to buy office chairs in Hanoi

Office chairs are furniture products of high importance in the office environment. In addition, the main use is to help users get a more stable sitting posture when working. This product can also help you handle the job quickly and with high efficiency. Choosing a quality office chair at a good price is not easy. Therefore, in the following article, we will introduce to you an address that provides quality and well-priced office chairs. Please refer to choose a chair model for the office!

Office chair showroom in Ha Noi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, so the furniture market here is very developed. The need to find a genuine office chair showroom address is also very interesting. The furniture showroom in Hanoi of distributor DSG Group is the leading address for you.

With certificates provided by chair manufacturers. The showroom of DSG Group is one of the official dealers for sale, with a 12-month warranty for chair products.

Not only that, the dedicated and enthusiastic staff will bring a good experience to customers. Whenever there is a need to buy furniture, please contact our unit at:

  • Address: 104-106 E. Tan Mai, Hoang Mai District, in Hanoi.
  • Tel: 024.3556.9801 – 024.3556.1101 – 024.3218.1364 – 024.3220.2081 – 024.3220.2080.
  • Hotline: 0903.420,678 – 0903.458.112 – 0934.658.112 – 0902,438,438.

Office chair showroom in Ho Chi Minh

The furniture showroom and chairs in Ho Chi Minh City are also the headquarters for office blocks. This place will display all products of office chairs and other furniture, the best selling products.

With a business area of up to 1200m2 and 4 floors of operation. Each floor of the showroom will display different lines of furniture. This ensures that customers can easily choose the right chair model for them.

When coming to our Hoa Phat chair showroom in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers will experience quality service, consulted by a professional sales team. To buy chairs for office use in HCM, please contact via the following address:

  • Address: 389-391 E. Dien Bien Phu, ward 25, Binh Thanh District in HCMC.
  • Tel: 028.3512.7777 – 028.3512.0051 – 028.3512.0052.
  • Hotline: 0902.295.879 – 0908.597.705 – 0903.007.382.

Reveal the price of an office chair?

With a diverse supply of products for office chairs. Products will have many different price segments, serving each customer. Each position will have a different chair and the price as well as the utilities that the chair brings is also different. Below we would like to share information about the selling price of each current chair line.

Director’s chair

Today you can find many different types of office chairs in the market. Products are produced in many price segments, from cheap to high-end chair models. The products will be divided into the following 3 segments for customers to choose from.

director's chair
director’s chair

Cheap director chair

Cheap director chairs usually range from 3 to 5 million VND. The product belongs to the low-cost segment with quite simple design and compact size. The product structure is solid, ensuring full features for users.

Although the price is affordable, the benefits that the chair brings are equally many. Cheap director chair designs often have stationary legs or kneeling legs. In particular, the seat cushion and backrest will be covered with felt, mesh or artificial leather. The product will be suitable for the management room of small and medium enterprises.

Mid-range director chair

Mid-range director chairs will be sold with prices ranging from 10 to 15 million VND. At this price point, the product will be equipped with more outstanding features and designs. The size of the chair will also be somewhat larger, showing luxury and superficiality.

In the mid-range price segment, you can choose a stationary chair with a swivel foot to suit your needs. In particular, the swivel foot chair is equipped with a flexible height adjustment feature. So using this product will be suitable for the majority of Vietnamese people.

Senior director chair

High-end director’s chairs are product models priced at > 20 million VND. This product is the perfect choice for directors and leaders of large businesses.

The design of the chair will use high-quality materials such as real leather, natural rubber, and natural wood … In particular, this chair model will have a large size, and the appearance is somewhat more massive. In addition, the product will be updated with some advanced features such as adjusting the recline, massage, and footrest…

Employee chair

Office chair models are also produced in many designs and designs. Product prices also have a certain difference for customers to choose from. There will be 3 price segments for staff chairs that you can refer to as follows:

Cheap staff chair

Cheap office chairs are currently being sold with prices ranging from 300,000 to 1 million VND. Although it is only a cheap chair model, the product is still very popular. This product will be very suitable for offices, small businesses, and startups.

The material for the production of chairs is quite diverse, you can choose according to your needs. As models of seats upholstered in felt fabric, leather, mesh, iron leg frames, stainless steel leg frames,…

Cheap staff chair
Cheap staff chair

Mid-range staff chair

With mid-range staff chairs, the price to buy is in the range of 1 – 2 million VND. At this price point, you can easily find much better quality chairs. The product is also equipped with many other smart utility features. Mid-back design, high back ensures that when sitting does not cause pain.

High-class staff chair

Standard high-class staff chairs will cost from 3 million VND or more. The product will be designed from high-quality materials, more luxurious and sophisticated.

Structure foam backrest, seat cushion from rubber, high-grade PU Foam, ensuring smoothness. The size of the chair will also be produced slightly better than the cheap chair models. The design is meticulously polished, ensuring aesthetics when used.

Meeting room chair

The price of meeting room chair models largely depends on the size and production materials. Accordingly, meeting chair products are currently being sold with 3 main price segments as follows:

Meeting room chair
Meeting room chair

Cheap meeting chair

With a price range of less than 1 million, you can find a lot of quality meeting room chairs. Despite the low price, the product still has an eye-catching design with many accompanying utilities. Products in this price range are mainly manufactured from felt fabric, mesh or powder-coated iron. Mid-back design, not too large size, suitable for a lot of space.

Mid-range meeting chair

With a cost of 1 – 3 million VND, you can already own many quality mid-range meeting chairs. Products are manufactured from materials such as genuine leather, PU leather, PVC leather, mesh fabric… The chair design ensures a standard sitting posture, high back creates a smooth, comfortable feeling, large recline, size of furniture. massive…

High-class meeting chair

The current high-end meeting room chairs will be sold for over 3 million VND. High-quality products made from genuine leather on the backrest, seat cushion. The chair legs are manufactured from high quality natural wood, safe for the environment and food.

How to buy office chairs

The demand for office furniture is increasing everyday. Not only office furniture, family and public furniture are focused on production.

Along with the development of economy and technology, there are more and more modern applications applied to life. Now, you can easily sit and surf the website to buy office chairs. It only takes a few simple steps to complete the purchase process.

You can refer to the product information at the official website of the distributor: Or you can also contact the unit through the hotline, zalo system that we have just shared above. Be a smart consumer, quickly choose the right product for you.