5 models of genuine mesh chairs for office selling well on the market

Office mesh chair is an interior design that many people know and choose to use. Along with that is the introduction of many new models, and modern designs from suppliers. With a convenient design, and comfortable to use, this chair model is appreciated for its quality. The following article will summarize for you the hot chair models, the most chosen by many people.

1.Summary of 5 cheap and quality mesh office chairs in Hanoi

Mesh back chairs are now available in a variety of designs and colors. Some of the most popular and affordable chair designs include the following:

Mesh chair for office GL104

Mesh chair model GL104
Mesh chair model GL104

GL104 is a mesh chair model with outstanding design, and the highest quality materials available today. The product has a middle-back design, and a stylized structure to help people sit back comfortably. The seat cushion is slightly sloping back, positioning a comfortable working position, and limiting movement. Above all, the design of the chair armrest has an eye-catching T-shape, giving it a unique and impressive look.

The plastic legs of the chair have a structure in the shape of 5 stars, fitted with flexible moving wheels. Pneumatic piston leg assembly helps the chair to adjust the height and low to suit the body. This chair model used for the staff table will be very suitable, bringing a professional space.

Mesh office chair GL109

Mesh chair model GL109
Mesh chair model GL109

The GL109 mesh chair model is an outstanding chair design with high sales on the market today. This is a modern and simple office furniture trend chair. The design includes eye-catching decorative groove details, increasing the aesthetics of the chair.

The backrest of the chair is decorated with seams, meticulously and firmly processed. The seat cushion has a curved bevel shape in the shape of a waterfall to create a more stable and firm sitting posture. With this structure, you will feel secure, without worrying about falling while working.

The armrest of the chair is curved up, firmly creating a support point for the hands of the occupants. The 5-sided chair leg cluster is equipped with wheels to move more flexibly and easily in the office. High-quality plastic chair legs can bear a large weight of up to 200kg.

Mesh chair with headrest GL113

Mesh chair model GL113
Mesh chair model GL113

GL113 is a modern mesh chair design indispensable in every office today. The product is manufactured with a low back to help support the neck and head comfortably. The fixed armrest is covered with high-quality black plastic, stylized in a soft, gentle arch. The modern steam lever controller helps to adjust the height and low, and the back of the chair is convenient.

The chair is manufactured with high-quality plastic or chrome-plated legs, stylized with a 5-pointed star. Combined with 5 good bearing wheels, high durability for flexible mobility. The back of the chair is covered with an anti-heat mesh, creating ventilation and a curvature that hugs the back when sitting. Using this chair model helps limit spinal diseases for office workers when sitting for a long time.

Mesh office chair GL119

Mesh chair model GL119
Mesh chair model GL119

This is a mesh chair design used for staff offices that you should not ignore. The GL119 has a low-back structure that hugs the body of the occupant. The seat surface slopes backward in the shape of a waterfall to help locate a scientific sitting position.

Fixed armchair design, bent around the elbow curve of the occupant. The chair’s legs have a solid 5-blade structure with 5 wheels to help move flexibly. In addition, with the intelligent 360-degree rotation axis, the chair when used has a wider range of features. The chair lever controller has extremely durable material, which helps to adjust the height, low, and recline flexibly.

Mesh chair vs cushion GL214

Mesh chair model GL214
Mesh chair model GL214

The GL214 mesh chair model is one of the most popular office chair designs today. The product has a simple design, convenient but no less modern and elegant. The chair has a simple shape with a middle backrest and a concave middle that hugs the body of the person sitting. The seat cushion is slightly sloping back to create a solid feeling, not slipping down when sitting.

The chair armrest has a stylized T-shaped design that makes it easier and more convenient to lean on. The chair legs are structured with 5-star wings, each wing is fitted with 5 wheels to help move flexibly. The piston system allows the adjustment of the height of the seat flexibly, suitable for the sitting body. Chairs when combined with staff desks will create a professional and luxurious working space.

2. 3 Outstanding features of the mesh office chair line

An office mesh back chair is a type of chair used mainly in the office. This chair model has a suitable design, which is the perfect choice for office workers. The product has the great advantage of providing comfort and being able to sit and work all day. However, sitting people do not suffer from diseases related to the spine, creating high efficiency at work. Specifically:

Modern styling

The mesh chair has a special design, providing maximum convenience and comfort for the occupants. These mesh office chairs will now have a curved back in the direction of the spine. This design detail helps to hug the back of the person sitting when leaning, very convenient. Thanks to that, you will not have back pain or feel uncomfortable even if you sit all day.

Breathable material

Mesh chair outdoor material is not rough, making the chair highly elastic and breathable. The surface of the chair usually has a thick cushion when sitting, creating smoothness and comfort for everyone. The mesh chair frame is made from a variety of materials such as PP plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, steel, etc., coated with electrostatic paint for durability, and longer life than other chair models. Today’s manufacturing units are extremely focused on safety and customer experience. So the material is selected selectively, bringing the product comfort and convenience.

Various colors

Currently, it can be seen that businesses tend to use black mesh chairs. This is a casual color tone, suitable for use in any workspace, or interior style. However, the market still has many meshes back chair designs with many different colors. This meets the needs of using and choosing furniture of office workers. Diverse and youthful colors create a dynamic workspace, increasing inspiration and productivity.

3. The address provides good, genuine mesh office chairs

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