Introducing the TOP 5 high-quality kneeling chair models

Kneeling chairs are the product line that many businesses choose to use the most. The design of the chair is extremely luxurious and unique, so it is popular with customers. Not only that, but the kneeling chair is also resistant to mold and warping. Therefore, the demand to buy this chair model for office use is increasing. Let’s find out more information about the 5 best-quality kneeling chair models today!

1. 5 good and cheap kneeling chair models on the market

The kneeling chair models are increasingly improved in quality, creating comfort for users. From there, the product can meet customers’ increasingly diverse furniture needs. And below is information on some popular kneeling chair models for your reference.

GL421 Kneeling chair

Seat model GL421

GL421 is the best-selling low-cost office kneeling chair model today. The product has a simple design with a removable backrest and a sturdy steel frame seat cushion. The middle back of the chair is covered with a mesh around the plastic backrest for good elasticity, preventing heat accumulation.

The seat cushion is slightly slanted back when working steadily and firmly, positioning the sitting position. Steel-framed chair legs of standard size do not take up much space in the room. The weight of the chair is quite light; moving in the office is not difficult.

GL423 Kneeling chair

GL423 Kneeling chair
GL423 Kneeling chair

The GL423 kneeling chair model is loved by customers and highly appreciated for its quality. The product has a modern design with a solid rectangular steel pipe frame system, combined with high-quality fabric-covered foam cushions to help customers sit comfortably.

The chair’s backrest is made of high-quality plastic, which firmly holds the mesh fabric in place and prevents it from moving. The mesh fabric covering the backrest is designed with many tiny holes, bent according to the structure of the back of the person sitting.

The night chair is lined with monolithic foam, and the outside is covered with high-elastic fabric, smooth and relaxing.

SL719M Kneeling chair

Seat model SL719M
Seat model SL719M

The SL719M is an office chair design that is popular with many businesses. The product belongs to a line of plated steel pipe kneeling chairs, and the chair backrest is designed to create a square form. The seat surface is padded with high-grade felt fabric or luxurious industrial leather.

The backrest of the chair is sewn with 2 layers that bend according to the shape of the sitting body. When combined with the luxurious, modern plastic-paneled chair armrest, the overall look is complete. The bottom of the chair will be covered with rubber buttons to avoid scratching the floor or making noise when moving.

SL718M Kneeling chair

SL718M Kneeling chair
SL718M Kneeling chair

SL718M is an indispensable kneeling chair design in meeting room spaces. The product has a prominent middle-back design with delicate and skillful seams. The curved armrest bends to the elbow of the occupant, allowing the user to lean on it.

The chair’s legs are kneeling and cannot move as freely as swivel chair models. The backrest and seat cushion are square and strong, with a solid back and cushion. Products that can be combined with traditional or modern meeting tables are very suitable.

SL606 Kneeling chair

SL606 Kneeling chair
SL606 Kneeling chair

This kneeling frame chair model has many advantages that office workers should consider. The detailed design of the seat cushion is beveled in the shape of a waterfall, reducing the feeling of numbness and pain in the legs. Besides, the moderately curved backrest helps to provide absolute back support, creating a smooth feeling.

The black powder-coated steel legs are in sync with the main color of the chair. The soft and flexible curved chair legs provide the ideal feeling. The armrests have a stylish texture, unlike conventional office chairs. Accordingly, the armrest is folded at a sharp angle with a bend to create attraction and power.

2. 3 things to keep in mind when choosing to buy a kneeling chair

The kneeling office chair has a special design with a curved metal frame. Thanks to this design, it is easy to move in any terrain, and suitable for any space. However, when looking to buy a chair model, you must pay attention to the following issues to ensure quality.

Production material

When looking to buy a kneeling chair, the first thing you should pay attention to is the production material. Furthermore, this chair line is made from a variety of materials, making it difficult to decide which ones to use. In particular, the metal seat frame and the seat surface will be covered with felt, leather, elastic, or mesh. Armrests can be made of metal or plastic, depending on customer requirements and designs.

Consider the chair frame carefully, and inspect the structure and the material used to make the frame. Depending on the office design, choose a light-plated steel frame or a dark powder-coated iron. A high-grade frame will have good oxidation resistance, heat resistance, extreme colorfastness, and little deformation.

The material and thickness of the mattress also need to be considered because they will affect the quality of the product. Usually, the chair model has a foam cushion upholstered in fabric or PVC, which is very popular with people.

A high-grade foam layer will easily feel smooth, comfortable, and better bearing. Cheap chair models of unclear origin that have been used for a long time will be lumpy and convex.

Seat size

The size of an office kneeling chair is extremely important when selecting one. The product needs to have a standard height because the chair design cannot increase or decrease the height.

The manufacturer will usually measure and calculate the seat height, which is approximately 45-46 cm. The height of the back of the chair is in the range of 54-69 cm, depending on the chair’s structure. With such a height, the adult Vietnamese physique will sit comfortably, put their feet firmly on the ground, and straighten their back.

Besides the height, the width and depth of the seat must also be taken into account. To have a chair that is just wide enough and comfortable, it needs a width of 48-50 cm. Please select a product from 48 to 58 cm in seat depth.

Harmonious chair colors

It is impossible to ignore the color issue when looking to buy kneeling chairs for the office. You should choose youthful, modern colors to give users a striking space. This chair model can be combined with the surrounding furniture to become more eye-catching and harmonious. Besides, you can completely use products with color tones according to your destiny or preference.

Currently, manufacturers are also very sophisticated in the design and production of kneeling chair frames. There are many chair models that combine a variety of colors, such as white, blue, black orange, black gold, etc. Or offices that need luxury can choose brown, black, red,… chairs as accents.

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